Endorsement Radio and Podcasting capitalizes on trust and influence … “Word of Mouth” on a grand scale.

  • Engagement ‐ Radio and Podcast listeners are fully engaged in these programs and feel they have a personal relationship with the hosts. Listeners feel the host is talking directly to them.
  • Credibility ‐ When a trusted host recommends products and services to their listeners, it delivers automatic credibility and motivates listeners to take action.
  • Influence ‐ Radio and Podcast Personalities have enormous influence over listeners because they are respected opinion leaders…their opinions about topical issues expressed during their show significantly influence their listeners, which is why their personal endorsements are so effective.
  • Results ‐ Radio and Podcast personalities have the power to influence purchasing decisions far beyond the levels of standard media campaigns for optimal ROI levels.

Why Newmark Advertising

No other agency comes close to providing the range and quality of services offered by Newmark Advertising. Our unique and in-depth processes for personality selection, monitoring and management are the gold standard for developing the most effective retail, brand and direct response campaigns.


Newmark Advertising maintains an extensive database of profiles for thousands of podcast and radio personalities which includes not only descriptions and backgrounds of the shows and hosts but, importantly, how well those shows have performed for a variety of clients.  Based on this experience over years, we know which shows and hosts are credible, have a personal connection with their audience and most importantly, if they have the ability to influence consumer behavior.


Effective copy is critical to the success of the campaign. Newmark Advertising is dedicated to the creative process to ensure that the copy delivers the strongest results. Our objective is to leverage the hosts’ relationship with their listeners to maximize results. The copy we create for our clients focuses on the messaging objectives while leaving room for the hosts to deliver the copy in their natural, individual styles. This allows the spots to come across as a personal recommendation rather than a standard commercial message, ultimately making the endorsements far more effective. Unlike other agencies, Newmark Advertising does not charge for creating the corresponding copy materials.


The key to our successful endorsement campaigns has been our ability to maintain control of the messaging objectives while encouraging the energy and spontaneity of the hosts’ personal recommendation. In order to achieve this, we have developed a highly evolved monitoring process. Stations/networks are required to upload the hosts’ spots to Newmark Advertising’s proprietary software, AirChecks Online™ on an ongoing basis throughout the campaign. Newmark Advertising staff members analyze spots daily to monitor content and delivery. They also review tracking data in conjunction with the spot analysis to maximize results and determine if course correction is needed. Clients can listen to the spots at any time by logging on to AirChecks Online ™ with a designated password for security purposes.


Newmark Advertising is the leader in endorsement audio because of our superior management processes.  From preparing the hosts to analyzing results, we diligently manage every aspect of the campaign.  As part of Newmark Advertising’s unique process of preparing the hosts for the campaign, we speak directly with them prior to starting and continually provide constructive feedback to them throughout the campaign to optimize results.

Copy and traffic instructions are sent out on a weekly basis and after the spots run, the spots are analyzed with specific insights into how to achieve the client’s goals.

Client meetings are scheduled on a regular basis throughout the campaign to discuss tracking, schedules, copy and other important elements. Our clients consider us their in-house endorsement audio department as we work closely with them to maintain their marketing goals.


With fast-growing audio platforms that stream live (most commonly from content originating at a broadcast station) or pureplay music platforms such as Spotify or Pandora, there are tremendous opportunities to target broadly or to a narrow demographic. Working with a wide array of these providers has become an important and fast-growing specialty of Newmark Advertising in addition to our work with podcast publishers and radio networks.