Don’t take our word for it, here are some testimonials from people in the radio and overall audio industry.

“Newmark Advertising is passionately committed to making their clients successful. They treat clients’ marketing dollars like their own money, carefully crafting endorsement radio campaigns that will deliver results. For over a decade, I have worked with Patty and the entire Newmark team. They raise the bar for our industry and challenge us to give our very best effort on behalf of their clients. It is a pleasure to work with Newmark.”

Peter Kosann, CEO of Compass Media Network

“I consider Newmark Advertising the industry standard for Endorsement Audio. From the inception to the execution of every campaign, Newmark’s team of professionals work tirelessly to ensure their clients success. Their dedication to their clients and to Audio is unparalleled in the industry. Patty and Dave’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of our industry provides the most innovative and well-crafted campaign for each and every client they represent. It’s a pleasure to have worked with Newmark Advertising for the past several years.”

John Murphy, President of DGital Media

“Newmark Advertising is highly proficient in both the art and science of endorsement radio. They are experts at building successful campaigns that deliver results for their marketing partners. Every host represented by Premiere Radio Networks has a high level of trust when it comes to Newmark. To the hosts, it’s all about integrity and ROI. Newmark Advertising always delivers for their clients and our hosts.”

Dan Metter, SVP/Director of Talk and Entertainment Radio Sales, Premiere Radio Networks

“Newmark Advertising is one of the true experts in endorsement radio. They have an extremely knowledgeable staff that are not only avid listeners of radio but take the time to get to know each and every radio personality that they use to endorse their clients’ products. They have done a terrific job of connecting their clients with the radio personalities to give the personalities a better understanding of their clients’ business. This has been an integral step in building a successful partnership and why Newmark Advertising is a trusted leader in endorsement radio.”

Mike Connolly, VP, Sales, ESPN Audio

“The name Newmark Advertising has become synonymous with expanding the boundaries of advertising to encompass the rapidly changing media market place. They understand the importance of the connection between talent, technology, the advertiser and ultimately the consumer. I have worked with Patty and her team from my days at Westwood One through today at PodcastOne. They’ve played an important role in the creative approach of traditional media and now they’re leading the way in recognizing and taking advantage of the unprecedented growth of digital media.”

Norm Pattiz, Founder , Westwood One, Courtside Entertainment Group, Launchpad Digital Media, PodcastOne

“Newmark Advertising has evolved beyond traditional radio into a prominent force in new media. Newmark understands our audience, and takes the time to learn about their clients. They match the right clients with our network, which helps us create long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. Their professionalism and enthusiasm is only matched by their integrity and passion. I am honored to work with the Newmark team, and they’re a big part of our success. “

Lisa Kentzell, CEO, TWiT.tv

“As talent, I’ve worked with Newmark for over 10 years now, and nobody understands and facilitates the host-endorsement process better than they do“

Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy and Chief TWiT, TWiT.tv